Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pattern Scale and Image Info from the Beta Preview of the Changes to Design Space

Beta Preview * * * subject to change before release

With the new pattern fill, you will be able to scale the pattern to fit your project. Here is an example of the same image, with the same pattern just with the scale of the pattern adjusted. Once you have selected your pattern, you select edit at the bottom of the Layer Attributes panel and then you can adjust the scale of the pattern. Pretty neat!

There are also some other features that members of our group have been asking for and that will be included in the update {the release date has not been announced}. One is that when you go to the design canvas, the grid lines are automatically "On". You can turn them "Off" by clicking the same little white square in the corner of the canvas.

The other is being able to identify what cart or font was used in a project. You will be able to click on the "I" for the image number and cart name. Kudos to Cricut for listening to their users! 

Even More Info on the Beta Previews of Changes Coming in Design Space

Remember * * * Everything we are showing you is from the Beta Test version and changes may be made before the actual release

My crafty friend Narelle, who calls herself the NonCrafty Crafter, has posted a great video showing more of the changes coming to Design Space. Be sure to visit her blog and check out her video!

The Non-Crafty Crafter

You can also view her video and see all our screenshot sneak previews in our Facebook group. . . come join us!

Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space on Facebook

More on the Beta Preview of Pattern Uploads for Design Space

Beta Preview * * * changes may be made before the updates are released

So what can you do with these patterns? Fill your images and text! 

You just add your image to the design canvas or type your word. Then click on the image/text like you normally would to change the color and you get the new screen to add a pattern! Change your image/text to Print and the Pattern options will open. choose your pattern and BAM! Your image or text is filled! 

Beta Preview of New Features for Design Space!

Beta Preview Information * * * Changes may be made before release

So many exciting upgrades are coming to Design Space! Although there is no release date set at this time, Cricut said I could share with you some of the changes you can expect. You'll see from this preview, Cricut has been listening to it's customers! 

There will be some changes to the way the design canvas looks when you open Design Space. You'll notice the Layers Box has changed. It's more than "a pretty new face" but I'll get to that in a minute! The big change is in the Upload Images button. It looks the same but when you click it. . . magic!

You now have a different upload screen. There is one button for Image uploads and one for patterns! Yippee! The Image upload takes the guess work out of uploading images. You no longer have to choose between basic upload or vector upload. You choose Image and Design Space "knows" what type of file you are uploading by the file extension. And Pattern upload is for patterns! All those digital papers and such you been getting for free and never really got to use in Design Space.

When you choose image upload, you still browse your computer to find your image. You "clean it up" with the wand and eraser. But when you get ready to save your image. . .you now get a preview of your image as a Print then Cut file or a Cutting file! No more unchecking that little box on the save screen!

With pattern uploads, you also search on your computer for your pattern and when you get ready to save, it is saved in the Layers Attributes for you to use with images and text.

I've got so much more to show you! But doesn't this look great so far?

If you're wanting to go ahead and start gathering digital patterns, check the Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space group. We'll have info on a trusted site that has 2 bundles of 100 patterns each . . . for FREE! How cool is that?