Friday, December 9, 2011

Sophie Circle Magazine Contest

Each month, the Circle Magazine hosts a contest for Circle Members. This month, the contest is based on the images from the Sophie cart. The rules were to use the exclusive Sophie cart to create something fabulous for the upcoming holiday. The project needed to use at least 3 images from the Sophie cart.

I decided to use the background shapes as the base for the numbers on my advent calendar. I first use CCR to create a little gusset pocket with the Craft Room Basics cart and the George cart. I cut 24 out of a metallic holly paper, scored, folded and glued them to the base (which was also the metallic holly paper). I then chose 4 different background images from Sophie and I cut 3 of each image in red and 3 of each in green. I glued those to the pockets. I used Nursery Rhymes for the numbers and glued those to the pockets. I added a couple of red bows and viola! My advent calendar was ready to fill with little goodies for each day.

This is how it looks partially filled. My nephew volunteered to eat the candy for the first 9 days!
And this is a view looking down into the pockets.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa's Magic Key

Welcome to the Sophie Cartridge Blog Hop hosted by Michele. We wanted to share some of the really nice images from the Sophie cart. If you just happened upon my blog and want to start at the beginning of the hop, go to Michele's blog. If you're already hopping along, you should have arrived here from Liz's Bog.

My project for the hop is. . . a Santa's Magic Key hanging. In case you don't know, there is a legend that Santa's magic can make an ordinary key open your door. This is great for children who live in homes without a chimney. But, it also works for children who do have a chimney but want to make it easier for Santa to get into their house with all those presents!

{you can click on the photo to make it a little larger}

I first searched for Santa Magic Key poems and when I couldn't find one I liked, I took the parts I did like and added some to create my own version. I printed it on ivory cardstock and cut it out using the frame background and CCR. I printed the image off center so I could hang the key and not block the words. Here's the poem I used. You can use it too, or make your own.

Magic Key

It's the night before Christmas and we're excited as can be!
We're leaving this key
so you won't have to squeeze down the chimney.
Your magic makes the key fit right
and you can come in the door tonight.
Thank you Santa, for the presents you will leave by the tree,
And don't forget. . . the milk and cookies are on me!

I then cut the frame and glued it to the wording. I cut the key 5 times, 3 in gold cardstock and 2 in gold glitter cardstock (flipping the key image to get a front and back). I glued all those layers together and tied a ribbon. To hang the key, I punched a hole for a brad and when closing the brad, I left a little room between the brad head and the paper. That gave me enough space to slip the ribbon on and off the brad.

I then hid the interior lines of the frame in CCR and cut another frame in red. This one, I glued to the back.

I hope you like my Santa's Magic Key project and thanks for visiting my blog! Your next stop on the hop is Megan. Before you go, if you would like a chance to win this project, become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment stating you want a chance to win. I will randomly choose one person and send Santa's Magic Key to them!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Acetate Santa Tag

This little tag was actually a happy accident! I was stamping the Santa image on recycled plastic from the clamshell of a Cricut cartridge and then it wasn't flexible enough for the project I had in mind. So I created a frame in CricutCraftRoom and viola. . .it became a tag! You can't tell in the photo, but the part with the Santa image is actually clear {there is white paper behind it in the photo} and when the tag moves, you can see the image of Santa watching you! So you better be good, for goodness sake!  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Since the wreath that hangs over our mantel at Christmas time has seen better days, I decided to replace it with a  frame. I used glittered paper and what was suppose to be a window decal of Santa inside the frame and vinyl lettering outside the frame. I can't wait to hang it with the stockings and garland on the fireplace!

{And, I see I need to straighten the word Magic before it goes up! Note to self~buy some CLEAR transfer tape!}

Here's a "corrected" project photo. It looks so much better with the word Magic straight!  :)