Saturday, February 11, 2012

CCR file for the Candy Purse

It appears that some people who had requested the .ccr file for the Candy Purse didn't receive it even though I emailed it. It must be a problem with your or my email provider. So, if any one wants the file, you can go to and download it there. I'd love to see any Candy Purses you make!


  1. Hiya Paulette. I'm guessing the PM's on the Cricut MB are wonky again, because I haven't heard back from you. :-(

    Would you please e-mail at:
    linda2222 @ (no spaces between the @)


  2. Sadness.....I clicked on the link and said the file was either deleted or not available to me. On the bright side, the projects you've made with this purse are absolutely fabulous!