Thursday, November 26, 2015

Decorating Muslin Bags with Cricut and Yudu Ink

If you're a die-hard Cricut fan, you probably remember the YUDU machine. It was a great machine for screen-printing. Unfortunately, it was never very successful and was discontinued a few years ago. The Yudu inks were a very good quality. And if you can find them, they are now generally very inexpensive. I happen to have some of the inks and decided to do a little project with my niece and nephew. 

They each chose a Cricut image and we sized them to fit some 6 x 8 inch muslin drawstring bags I had left over from another project. The bags came from Stateline Bag Company. We cut their chosen images in vinyl and removed the image. We placed the negative piece on the bag. We put some cardstock scraps pieces inside the bags to prevent any bleed through to the back of the bag.
We squirted a blob of ink onto another scrap piece of cardstock and used a foam brush to paint over the stencil.
Before painting, make sure your stencil is stuck very well to the bag. And while painting, make sure you do use too much pressure against the edges of the stencil. I showed them how to pounce the ink onto the bag and then we lightly brushed the excess. The ink on the stencil will generally not dry.

 Once the ink was dry, it only took about 15 minutes, we removed the stencil and revealed their creations!

Their bags look great! So if you happen across Yudu ink, buy it and use it for your fabric projects! I don't think you will be disappointed.


  1. Great idea Paulette. They are cute. TFS

  2. What a great way to pass the time! The bags look great! I was fortunate to buy some of the Yudu inks at a great price so I guess I need to try this. Thanks for sharing!