Friday, August 23, 2013

Friendly Competition. . .Teddy Bear vs Pig

Over on the Circle message board, we've having a friendly competition to determine if the Teddy Bear or Pig from the Charmed cart is the cutest image. Of course, I'm on Team Teddy Bear! So hear are a couple more projects using the Teddy Bear image.

A shaped card which is about 4 inches tall:

And some wrapped Hershey nuggets and the little bear is only an inch tall!

No matter the size, the Teddy Bear is just too adorable to lose to a Pig!


  1. That is cute..but then pigs are cute too,lol..

  2. very cute.Loving the Charmed cart

  3. Okee dokee -- those cute li'l nuggets win hands down to the piggies ---- only cuz "chocolate" anything, wins!!! ;-)