Thursday, June 12, 2014

Design Space Videos

I'm constantly getting emails asking about one of the features of Design Space or how to do a specific "thing" in Design Space. Let me recommend that if you have a Cricut Explore and want to learn about the features of Design Space, watch the videos that were made by Provo Craft. They are professionally made and very good! No need to wade through all the hundreds of user made videos that have poor lighting or crazy background noises or a rambling narrator to get the info you need. While there are some really good user made videos out on the net, I've found the ones Cricut made are easy to follow, straightforward and very informative. Plus, there's no begging for you to follow them or join their site or donate money! So here they are:

Image Search

Attach Feature

Weld Feature

Add Text

Edit Text

Hide Contour Feature


Image Groups

Uploading Images

Uploading Vector Images {SVG}

Linking Carts

Using the Make It Now Projects

I will still continue to answer your emails if you have questions, but just recently I was locked out of my email account and didn't get the problem resolved for 4 days! There were several people who had emailed me with questions that I know are answered in the Cricut videos. So I wanted to list these resources so you can get a quicker answer to your question. Happy Crafting!


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