Sunday, July 15, 2012

Christmas Treat Cone!

All the Christmas in July events made me want to craft something Christmasy! So here is a little treat cone filled with M&Ms! I used the 3D Party Cones digital images and cut the cone from the plastic clamshell from a Cricut cart. I used the Swiss Dots embossing folder to emboss the cut image and then used Terrifically TackyTape to assemble the cone. I made the tag by printing the sentiment on my computer and cutting it with my Cricut using Mini Monograms along with the red and white layers.

I think I'll make more {I have tons of the plastic!} around Christmas time and put the M&Ms or maybe peppermints in a little bag and place that in the cone. So, what do you use the plastic clamshells from all your Cricut carts for?


  1. I use the clamshells as filling for my cupboards! :)

    Looks delicious and something I must try! (Says the non-crafty crafter...)

  2. I love it! It looks very yummy!

  3. I like this! I would think the clamshell tough to cut and shape...but you obviously make it work!

  4. Love your project. I just did a Christmas in July project too! Such fun.

  5. Lovely!
    I save the clamshells...that's it, just save.
    Till a declutter rampage hits anyway! lol

  6. I have a stack of cut clamshells just waiting for a project. I've been afraid to try to cut it in my E because it just seems so thick. Will need to try it on multicut to see how it works because I love the look of this project