Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hippie Girl Paper Doll

A while back, I made this Hippie Girl for a card for a 70's themed party. This is a photo of the "test" doll I made and a screenshot from CCR. I used Teen Scene and Groovy Times Cricut carts. In CCR, I was able to size the dress from Groovy Times to fit the doll body from Teen Scene. The go-go boots are a pair of tights and a shoe, from Teen Scene, welded together. I hand cut the tights at the knee to make boots.

Someone asked for the .ccr file, so here it is:


  1. Love your Hippie Girl. She turned out great for a "test".

  2. Nice to see Hippie Girl.

    Keep them coming.

  3. Another fabulous project! I love how you manipulate paper!

  4. Another wonderful idea and implementation of that into something different and kool!