Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Milk Carton Bank

If you're my age, you might remember making banks from the milk cartons we drank from at lunch in elementary school. And while they were cute {because what kid craft isn't cute?}, sometimes, the milk wasn't totally rinsed from the carton and after a week or so, our beautiful little creations had an awful smell! But with my Cricut and the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 2 cart, I can make a cute little bank and not worry about the smell!

So, not only did I make one little milk carton bank, I made 50 for the Mania attendees to start saving for the next Circle Mania weekend.


  1. What a great idea - I need one of these so that I can come next time for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with Jen -- I am going to make one so I can be there next time. Really missed being with you and everyone, Paulette! Sage said it was wonderful, as always!