Thursday, February 27, 2014

Info on the new Cricut Explore!

Want more factual info, like this, on the Cricut Explore? Well look no further than Cricut's own FAQ page on the website! Get the info you need without someone else's interpretation of what the Explore can do or how to do it! 

Cricut FAQ

On the FAQ page, you will get questions and answers like the following example. You can also search for specific topics. You will find info on all the features of Design Space as well as the Explore.

Q: How do I start designing from a canvas?

A: To start a project from a canvas, on the home page, click “Create New Project”. You will be taken to the design screen. On the left side of the screen, click “Set Canvas”. A new window will open showing the different canvas types. Choose the canvas that is most similar to the project you are going to create. This will help you design and visualize the project prior to cutting.

My Explore should be arriving soon and I'll post some of my own reviews and tutorials. Until then, I'll be crafting with my Expression and CCR!


  1. Looking forward to your explore of the Explore!

  2. have you gotten it yet? Ive heard great things about this new machine.