Thursday, June 11, 2015

Quick and Easy Floating Frame Wedding Gift

I love that my Cricut allows me to create such great gifts! The young waitress at a restaurant my hubby and I go to often {and by often, I mean almost every week!} for lunch recently got married. We chat with her every time we are there but she's still more of a causal acquaintance. Even so, I wanted to give her something to commemorate her big day.

A floating frame was the perfect gift! I've made lots of floating frames for weddings that we were invited to and lots of variations of the design based on the couple. Usually I use a big 10 x 17 frame. For this gift, I choose a smaller 8.5 x 11 frame. I used the letter "C" from the Regal font that Narelle had split {so easy to cut since she took the time to clean up all the little "bits"} and uploaded it to Design Space. I then added the names. I used the Milkshake font for both names and the wedding date and I used Times New Roman for the last name. {I did use a different font for the "&" as it looked like the "E" in the Milkshake font! }Then I selected all of the images/text and attached them. The Explore cut the vinyl like butter! Once I weeded away the excess pieces of vinyl, I used transfer tape to move the entire design to the glass. In less than one hour, I had the design completed, cut, weeded, applied,  {photographed} and wrapped!

I gave it to her when we went in for our usual Wednesday lunch and she was thrilled! She immediately went to show the others and then was taking pictures with her phone to send!

If you want to make nice projects like this, Narelle has split all the Regal font and has shared her files in our Facebook Group. . .come join us!

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  1. Hi Paulette- I love this! I have seen so many of these and want to do one for my DS who is getting married next spring. I have a question (I will post it on FB too). Do you apply the vinyl to the front of the glass, or do you mirror it and put it on the back?