Monday, June 1, 2015

New Design Space App for the iPhone!

Cricut has done it again! Today they have announced a new iphone app for Cricut Design Space will be coming soon! How exciting for those users who have an iphone!

The iphone app will look and function very similar to the ipad app. But there is one very exciting new feature. . .the use of the camera! You can create your design like usual and then use the camera to show your design on your project!

This is a screenshot of Narelle's design in the iphone app.

And this is how it would look on her wall! Yes, that's her actual wall! Imagine being able to see your design on your actual tile or pillow or tumbler or whatever!

Narelle has been beta testing the iphone app, so go check out her blog for more details!

But what if you don't have an iphone like me? No worries! Cricut has begun development of android apps for Design Space. I don't know when, but they are being developed!

So go forth and Cricut Everywhere!


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