Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clawdeen from Monster High!

My daughter was past the "doll age" when the Monster High dolls came on the scene, but I was recently amazed at their popularity while looking through Halloween costumes at the stores. I have to admit, there was something about the dolls that intrigued me. . .and kinda made me wish my daughter had still been at the "doll age"! So, I decided to recreate them in paper! I used the Teen Scene Paper Doll cart in CCR and scissors as needed. Here's the first one I made. . .meet Clawdeen. . .

I still can't decide if I should add a mouth. Those Monster High girls have the cutest, pouty lips! So what do you think. . .add the lips or not?


  1. Oh this is so cute. My friends daughter (age 10) loves Monster High. I hope you don't mind if I scraplift and use this for a card for her. I think I'd definitely add the lips.

  2. Love it! In fact Clawdeen is my 10 year old daughter's favorite...she dressed as her for Halloween 2011. I am definitely going to get this cartridge to do exactly what you have done! Thank you for your inspiration!

  3. BTW...the perfect mouth is on Happy Hauntings page 100 Shift Layer 2.

  4. My granddaughter was also Clawdeen in 2011. We love Monster High!!!
    Thanks so much for getting me into making some as we are going to Texas next week, and she will LOVE "costuming" them!