Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 Liter Teacher Appreciation Bottle and Welcome to my blog!

Welcome! Here is the place where I will share my crafty ideas and projects!

I thought I'd kick things off with a project I posted on the Cricut message board in March '09 that became wildly popular. Before the message board was switched to a new server, the 2 Liter Teacher Appreciation Gift Bottle thread had over 40,000 views and 38 pages of replies and posts of bottles others had created following the tutorial! It was so great to see everyone's "take" on the project.

Update: the old Cricut MB has been deactivated and all the links to it are now broken so I've removed the link.

So, how do you take all this and turn it into a great teacher gift? Easy! First, drink the soda! :)  If you don't like soda or don't like to drink it, you can get a bottle of a store brand {usually a dollar or so} and just pour it down the drain}.

Wash the bottle and let it dry and then remove the label.

Carefully cut a U[shape "door" into the middle of the bottle. You can cut free hand or draw the shape on with a marker {it will be covered later}.

Now stuff all the "stuff" into the bottle.

Make a cute label from cardstock {I used the Loki-Cola font to print our label} and wrap it around the bottle to cover the secret "door" and tape it together. Add some ribbons and a Cricut cut and your gift is ready!

You can use a smaller or larger bottle depending on what items you want to put in it. And, you can make whatever theme you want. . .graduation {wouldn't some money and gift cards be cute?}, birthday {a stuffed animal or video game or other little gifts}, movie night {a movie, candy, microwave popcorn packs}, back to school {supplies like glue sticks and pens and marker}, Father's Day {a golf or barbque or whatever your dad is interested in} , Mother's Day {flowers and eye mask and manicure kit} and on and on!