Cricut Craft Room Help

There are lots of tutorials on our {Narelle's and my} old Cricut Craft Room blog. Follow this link:

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Sizing layers

How to make the layers fit using CCR: set the size you want in the Default Height box located under the keypad in CCR and make sure you have Relative Size selected. Then all your layers will fit your base image.

Score lines

CCR does not "see" the score marks as a line in the image. Therefore, the Hide Contour feature will not work. To "hide" the score marks in an image in CCR so they do not cut, weld a small square over one of the score marks, making sure it touches the edge of the image.


Welding problems in CCR are usually due to the spacing of the letters or other images. If your image doesn't weld properly, try adjusting the spacing by manually moving the letters/images or with the Spacing box in the Text feature. For example: the spacing in this image is -5 and that caused the letters to become hidden.

The spacing in this image is -4 and not all the letters welded.

The spacing in this image is -6 and it looks like all the letters welded.

Using single color images

How to use the color single images in CCR without an Imagine: Select the image and click Edit under the image. Then, click Separate in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the pieces are separated, select the image and click Edit again and then Ungroup. Then you can move them to different spots on the mat for cutting or delete them.

Where to find your digital purchases

There is a drop down menu on the carts list by the keypad in CCR. Select My Cartridges and you will see all the images you have available to cut in DDR {carts, you have linked, digital purchases and freebies from PC}.

Hide Contour or How to get rid of lines/images you don't want to cut

Select the image so that the selection box is around it. Underneath the selection box, you will see a green Hide Contour button. Click on that and the image will open in an Edit screen. Move your cursor over the lines you do not want to cut. The line will turn red. Click your mouse and the line will turn light blue/grey. Repeat for all the lines you don't want to cut. Even entire images from the group can be hidden. When you are done hiding lines, click the Exit button and you will return to the Mat screen. The screenshot above shows the original images from Life is a Beach on the left and the right shows after I hid the internal cuts on two of the starfish and totally hid one of them.


  1. Thanks I did not know u could take stuff out u did not want to cut.

  2. Can you tell me how to download your free files into CCR? Thanks for sharing!!