Saturday, July 4, 2015

Land of the Free because of the Brave design

The Design Space file for this design is available in my Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space Facebook group. Come join us!

I've seen a similar design all over the internet and have been unable to find the original designer. Since several people have asked for the file, I decided to use the original as inspiration and design my own file in Design Space. I use the Eyes Wide Open Font and an arrow and flower images from the Cricut Image Library and a heart from the free Insert Shapes option. I was able to use the Hide Contour feature in both image sets to use on the single arrow and the flower I wanted. I use the Slice feature to cut the arrow in pieces and the Weld feature to the words to make them cut as one image.

I've often seen members of my Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space FB group asking for various designs they have seen. And I've wondered why they don't just jump into Design Space and make their own. I hope this will encourage and challenge people to try their hand at designing!

Even though it's too late to use this file for this 4th of July, I'm sharing the file. If you would like the file, become a follower of my blog {if you aren't already following me} and post a comment with your email address. Remember, you will need to have the cutting rights to the Cricut images, either by owning the cart and having it linked to your account or purchasing the individual images. File share ended.

Hope everyone has had a happy and safe 4th of July this year!