Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Cricut "Bughead" Organizer

What to do with all those Cricut markers and extra blades? Keep them in a Cricut Bughead Organizer! This one is made from 2 bowls, 2 small wood candle holders, a wood bead, some wire, 2 small wood beads and some customized googly eyes!

I made one for a Hostess Gift for my friend Stephanie when she hosted the most awesome Woodstock SWARM. I also made these little treat containers for all the Cricuteers who came over to my crop area on Saturday morning. They are those plastic condiment cups with bugheads cut from Cricut green vinyl and filled with M&Ms.

While looking through some old supplies for some wire for the bughead antenna , I came across these cans that I painted for a craft fair  quite a few years ago. They are empty pineapple cans and I used acrylic craft paint. My father-in-law named them "Pump-Cans"!

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