Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cute Little Fairies from the Scrap Factory Doll Builder Program

I am in love with the Fairy Expansion Pack for the Scrap Factory Doll Builder program! The Scrap Factory Doll builder allows you to choose your doll body, hair style, outfit and accessories. Then it creates an svg cutting file. With my Cricut Explore, I can upload svg files into the Design Space program. Today I've got two projects using Scrap factory, my Cricut Explore and a few Cricut cart images to show you today.

The first is a little fairy in a mason jar. I was in Michael's Arts and Crafts store and right at the entrance, they had a shelf full of different mason jars, milk bottles and other glassware. When I saw this little jar, I immediately thought of the nights we'd spend catching fireflies and saying they were little fairies! I use the Scrap Factory Doll Builder to create my little fairy. She is only 2.5 inches tall! I used images from Cricut carts {Plantin Schoolbook and   }to create her little fairy habitat.

I attached my little fairy to a battery operated tea light so in the darkness, she glows like those fireflies we'd catch!

The next project is an even smaller fairy on a Tooth Fairy box. The box is 1.5 inches x 2.5 inches and this little fairy is only 2 inches tall! She's holding her magic tooth wand!

And inside the box is a sweet little verse my daughter thought up and a nice comfy place to put that special tooth!

Hope you've enjoyed these projects and if you haven't checked out the Scrap Factory Doll Builder program, you should! Til next time. . .

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  1. Paulette, love the Fairy in a Jar. Too cute all lit up! Nice idea using the Fairy from the Expansion Pack for a "Tooth Fairy Box" project. I like the verse. Great job on both projects!

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