Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pushing Cricut Design Space to the Limits!

Most of you know Narelle and I have a Facebook group for the Cricut Explore and Design Space {if you don't, click on the icon on the right and come join us!}. In the group, we talk about the Explore, Design Space, share projects, troubleshoot and so on. We have a working relationship with Cricut and use them as resources when problems come up that we can't resolve. We were rocking and rolling and doing our usual Crafter Helping Crafter troubleshoot issues.

Until Jan came along! He is an amazing paper artist from Germany and he has used his Explore in his art. He had created an svg and no matter what he tried to open it in Design Space, he would get an error that his image was too large or too complex. It was perplexing because it's an image created with just circles. Simple circles. . .lots of simple circles! This is his image.

This is the error he would get when trying to open the image in Design Space.

This was something I had never seen, so I contacted Cricut. As it turns out, Design Space will give that error when the image contains more than 3000 nodes. So all of you designers who create svg cutting files and like to push the limits, keep that number in mind! Some suggestions were to do different layers or to open some of the paths. This is more technical than I care to attempt but I'm sure Jan will master it! Why am I so sure? Take a look at a couple of his other paper art sculptures that he used his Explore to create! Nothing short of amazing!

The next time I get frustrated designing a box and the angles aren't working, I'm going to try to remember Jan and all he had to put into designing these paper sculptures! :)

*Please note: these photos are Jan Krummery's and are used with his permission.


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